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A young Indian girl resigned at Google and went back to India

06:14 AM 2017

Nupur Dave decided to go back to India due to expensive life

As per to Business insider, Nupur was a program manager for a part of Google called Network Content Distribution that makes Google run faster and she had more chance of being promoted.

"I got to travel all over the world, attend conferences, It was great. The team was great. It was really a good job, but the place is very expensive." he expressed to Business Insider. She also said that the cost of living was a hardship, though she was paid well, it wasn’t enough to get ahead in the costly Bay Area, much less buy a house.

The idea that all Googlers are wealthy is a "myth, while a highly specialized software engineer or a high-performance manager are definitely well compensated (some of them make seven figures between pay and stock), for many rank-and-file Google employees, "Google is a medium payer," She told busines insider.

She gave an example of salaries for a technical program manager at Google range from $93,837 to $176,500, according to Glassdoor. While that’s not chicken scratch, when you factor in what it costs to live in the Valley, those salaries don’t go far.

She became very involved with the Indian Google Network. Google has a large contingent of India ex-pats (including CEO Sundar Pichai) in Mountain View, and the Indian network is one of many Google diversity groups.


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