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A Burundian young lady initiated a nursery school in Rwanda

07:49 AM 2017

Erica Gateka (photo internet)

Among the lessons that are delivered in this school is Engish lesson, including reading and writing as well as counting.

Erica Gateka told, that he is happy for being recognized for the action the had done and she is ready to proceed with his goal of providing education assistance of children is achieved.

"I am very thrilled for different awards and appreciations I have received from different people and institutions, and I think that the feedback encourage me toward accomplishing my target of delivering education support to children who are not able to attend normal schools".

Children what are found in this school are those who are between 5 years to 14. Gateka said that she started the idea in Burundi working with churches by organizing fundraisings so as to get enough money to help them to continue their studies which is the reason why she moved that constructive spirit in Rwanda due to insecurity issues in her native country.

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