Top 10 Strongest African Currencies weighed against Rwf.

05:40 AM 2015

There is no qualm that massive people all over the continent have ever wondered about how African currencies surpass each other in terms of value. Many people might have ranked some countries ‘currencies to the top of the list, but it is more likely to them to be turned out dumfounded about the succession emerged on the below roll.
Here is the list of the 10 Most Powerful Currencies in Africa according to cradle of Africa all currencies stated were compared to Rwandan Francs.

10. Eritrean Nakfa 1 Nakfa=48,89 Rwf.

A country you probably haven’t heard from before, it split from Ethiopia in the early 90’s but has a currency, roughly on the same value as ours. This is only a recent development though since the beginning of 2014 and is as a result of the currency being pegged to the US Dollar.

9. South African Rand 1R=54,04 Rwf.

The Rand has had a lot of aggravation for its devaluation over the past couple of years. Now before delivering your comments on how you found the list, check out the reasons listed in the description of each, many of them have little merit to their strength.

8. Botswana Pula 1Pula= 70,88 Rwf.

An obvious one is Botswana. The Pula has been stronger than the Rand for some years now and the country’s economy and political structure is often lauded as a shining example of how an African democracy can work. 1 Pula will cost you around R1.20, though this is not as bad as it was in around 2004 where it would have cost you 20 cents extra.

7. Moroccan Dirham 1Dirhm=75,84 Rwf.

Rubbing shoulders with Europe, Morocco is in the news as much for illegal immigrants trying to smash down the border is shares with Spain as it is for its exotic culture and beautiful scenery. Morocco’s currency wasn’t always as strong against the Rand; in fact it was as recently at October 2012 when the Rand was more valuable.

6. Egyptian Pound 1 Egypt pound=93,00 Rwf.

Another example which has long been stronger than the Rand, Egypt, despite all its political turmoil has been able to retain a lot of its country’s currency value.

5. Zambian Kwacha 1 Kwacha =93.49 Rwf (currently).

The country formally known as the colony of Northern Rhodesia has sadly never been known as an economic success story and at a stage had an exchange rate of 1 US Dollar = 5120 Kwacha. The currency was revalued in January 2013 and until recently 1 Kwacha cost over R2, today 1 Kwacha buys you only Rand 93.49 Rwf Currently

4. Sudanese Pound 1 Sudanese pound=122,61 Rwf.

Another story very similar to the Ghanaian one is that of the Sudanese Pound. Revalued successively during its post-colonial period, the most recent revaluation came in 2011 following the independence of the oil rich Southern half of the country which became South Sudan. The Sudanese Pound is now worth 122,61 Rwf but likely not for long.

3. Ghanaian Cedi 1Cedi=198,01Rwf.

A very surprising example of a strong African currency, Ghana’s Cedi. Ghana is well known for its extensive natural resources, namely Gold from it’s Ashanti region (hence the Anglo-Ashanti gold company famous in South Africa). This one is actually a cheat though; the Cedi is actually in its 3rd rendition under the same name as the currency has been revalued a couple of times. The most recent revaluation was 2007 and it’s lost almost 50% of its value against the Rand since then, so the current rate of 198.0 Rwf. for 1 Cedi shouldn’t last long.

2. Tunisia Dinar 1 Tunisia Dinar=373.59 Rwf.

Recovering from its status as the birthplace of the Arab Spring, Tunisia’s Dinar gained almost 20% against the Rand this year. One Tunisian Dinar will now cost you around 373.59 Rwf.

1. Libyan Dinar 1Dinar=551,68 Rwf.

Yet another country in political turmoil with a strong currency is Libya. Perhaps it’s oil which is keeping things afloat but one Libyan Dinar will set you back around R8.53 currently, making it the strongest currency in Africa.


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