Kigali: Local farmers urged to sell rice straws to grab 1 Million USD a year

04:56 AM 2016

Farmers from Eastern province are happy for the awesome profit that they get out selling rice grasses. 70% percent of rice and wheat straws are being wasted. Strawtec brought a high rated solution to transform grass into high-quality pre-fabricated wall panels from wheat and rice stalks.

Around 9 cooperatives from Eastern province in learning experience visited their client Strawtec in special economic Zone in Kigali to see how straws are transformed into strawboards that can construct a beautiful house that can last longer than 60 years.

Uzabakiriho Isaie one of the the local farmers is generating some income from rice straws. “I used to burn them, asking my neighbors to take them from me and later I began selling them to Strawtec. I have earned three hundred thousand Rwandan francs”. I really enjoyed the tour today to see how our low product material can build a house like that.

Farmer Aneti Nzamukosha

Selling rice straws changed the life of Aneti Nzamukosha from Gatsibo district. She said to that this April 2016, I invested some amount and I finally bought a cow. I hope in the future I will own a house built in straw rice that I sold to Strawtec.

Even if people life is changing but local farmers are not yet to satisfy the client by delivering enough straw rice law materials.

Strawtec Production Manager Jean Paul Nzeyimana stated that currently, farmers from one cooperative delivered 500 tons of straw rice whereby we want 4000 tons in a season and 12000 tons in one year. I encourage all farmers all over Rwanda to work with us and sell to us the straw rice and they can get money from this new business.

Eckardt Dauck chairman of Strawtec

According to Eckardt Dauck, the chairman of Strawtec Building Solutions Rwanda is contented with current progress.

we are sure that our goals will be achieved soon as we are even getting some customers in the region. There is one million USD for the whole chain straw rice collection, transportation till the factory. Strawtec cannot do everything. We want local farmers, investors to take up and own entire channel of straw rice.
Currently we have received only 500 tons. If the straw rice raw material are not going to be enough, the factory can move to where we can find enough raw materials at least 10000 tons a year

The new technology of making strawboards from rice straws is contributing into government Made in Rwanda system to produce local products, made by local people and exported by local companies.

Strawtec started working officially in 2015 with investment of over $10 million USD and aims at making Kigali its head office in East Africa.

The machine is making a strawboard from straw rice

Farmers experiancing how strawboards are made in straw rice

A house constructed in strawboards


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