Kadende won Brand New Toyota Avanza in Airtel Tunga

05:04 AM 2017

Kadende Bizabavaho who works in restaurant in Nyamasheke district won 20Million Rwandan Francs worthy Toyota Avanza car from ‘Airtel Tunga’ promotion.

Kadende BIZABAVAHO receiving the Keys of his won TOYOTA AVANZA by RAHUL BEDI, Acting Managing Director

Thursday 14th December 2017, Bizabavaho was handed over the key of his car as a big prize during this end of year promotion dubbed “Airtel Tunga ” where several moto-cycles and other different rewards have been delivered in the last 13 weeks that the promotion lasted.

Bizabavaho was very pleased with this top prize as he expects that it will chance his life. “I am overjoyed to win this lottery prize as it is going to chance my life. Actually, I have the dream of being a driver and I have already acquired provisional driving license, and additionally, I will be travelling in car with my family.”

Kadende was overjoyed to be given his car

In his remarks, Chrysanthe Turatimana the Airtel marketing manager articulated that their core objective under this promotion was perverting subscribers lives. “Our main purpose for the promotion was not earning money, but our principle intention was changing life of Rwandans as Airtel thinks that they deserve the best."

To win of the offered prizes required sending a short message service to or call 155 that would straightly take you to the competition and start answering different questions that would give you 100 marks per correct answer and 50 per incorrect, and additionally 11 free SMSs were given to each correct answer that was supposed to be used for only Airtel lines.

Airtel congratulated the winner

Kadende won this car having more than two millions points, which he got using between 50,000 Rwf and 70000 Rwf. Despite the top reward, in the last 13 weeks, Airtel has given 12 motos and other different rewards which in the whole costed more than 100 million Rwandan Francs.


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