Isuku Iwacu project set to give Youth jobs in construction of 4500 latrines for poor families (photos and Video)

08:32 AM 2018

The project Isuku Iwacu project set to build latrines to vulnerable families in some districts of Rwanda as well as providing job opportunities especially to youth who face unemplyment.

Antoine Manzi The chief of Party of Isuku Iwacu project says that the youth will be awarded job opportunities from the Isuku Iwacu program in constructing latrines of poor families in eight districts countrywide.

The construction of 4500 latrines will be implemented in Rwamagana, Kayonza , Ngoma, Nyarugenge, Kicukiro, Ruhangio, Nyanza, Nyabihu; about from 600 to 800 latrines in each district.

Isuku Iwacu project aims at ensuring every household has a suitable latrine.

This opportunity is for vulnerable families in the Ubudehe first category, who will get new latrine, and reconstruction for the older ones.
“there are more poor people in the first ubudehe category, whom we will construct new and reconstruct their latrine. The statistics show we need to build 4500 latrines. They are too many but it’s for these who are in the first category.” Manzi says.

For people in other classes, they will be supported to get loans from SACCOs without mortgages for own construction.

About Youth to get more jobs
Manzi assured the youth will be the first implementer of the program. Most of them are getting trained to build suitable latrines.
“This program brings more jobs to young people, especially construction. We started training young people on ways to build latrines we desire. They have been approved by the Ministry of health and we are making sure the youth is ready to serve people.” He argues. Manzi believe it is a must for every household to be with a good latrine for good health.

The National Institute of Statistics in 2015 shows that 83,4% of Rwandese had suitable latrines. One per cent from urban areas used to defecate in the field, while in rural areas was 3% who did not have latrines.

Antoine Manzi The chief of Party of Isuku Iwacu project

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