Bill Gates attained 90 Billion on the new list of rich people in US

08:48 AM 2017

Bill still lead the list of billionaires in the US and the entire planet

The top 10 richest Americans remains the same as last year, but the order has shifted around a bit. Gates is worth a staggering $90 billion and according to experts his rapid in earning much money could lead him to the world’s first trillionaire in 2042.

A new Oxfam report on wealth and inequality, entitled "An economy for the 99%," finds super-rich people like Gates have seen their wealth collectively grow by huge margins over the last decade because only by 2016, the richest 793 people maintained net worths of $5 trillion an annual growth of 11%. "If these returns continue, it is quite possible that we could see the world’s first trillionaire within 25 years," the report states.

Among tope ten billionaires, six of the 10 wealthiest Americans made their fortunes in technology. Mark Zuckerberg is the only person on this year’s list under 40. An other suprising fact is that nine of the billionaires on this year’s list were born in America, except only Google’s Sergey Brin who is the wealthiest immigrant in the land.

Take a loot a the list

10. Michael Bloomberg

Net Worth: $36.5 billion

Source: Bloomberg L.P.

9. Sergey Brin

Net Worth: $37 billion

Source: Google

8. Larry Page

Net Worth: $38 billion

Source: Google

7. (tie) David Koch

Net Worth: $40 billion

Source: Koch Industries

7. (tie) Charles Koch

Net Worth: $40 billion

Source: Koch Industries

7. (tie) Larry Ellison

Net Worth: $40 billion

Source: Oracle

4. Mark Zuckerberg

Net Worth: $50 billion

Source: Facebook

3. Jeff Bezos

Net Worth: $70 billion

Source: Amazon

2. Warren Buffett

Net Worth: $78 billion

Source: Berkshire Hathaway

1. Bill Gates

Net Worth: $90 billion

Source: Microsoft


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